Christmas Magpies


Watercolor and sumi-e

54 x 38 cm

Donated to the Humane Society

The card read:
Ah magpies...the dressed-up crow. Although these magpies are doing their standard act of hoarding another's trash, they're also epitomizing the optimist. When things don't work out - kind of like these tree ornaments - they remind us there's always a silver lining.

Beyond the dark birds, the broken ornaments and life's twists, the glass can be half full. More so, even the little birds want for nothing. And they too they know the strength of teamwork. I hope this holiday season reminds you of all you have and those who make your life better. This was the 19th card in the series.  125 cards were printed.

I submitted these magpies in a contest and they ended up being a finalist. I thought that was pretty cool.