the store

The artwork below is for sale. They are selected works found in other galleries but consolidated here for quicker reference and you can query me on any piece you see. If you have any questions or want to make special arrangements, please don't hesitate to contact me.


original artwork still available

Ashley Koi, 2015


Christmas Bauta, 2005

Christmas Bauta, 2005


Monster, 1994

Ashley Hawk, 2015


Christmas Crab, 2007


cc crosses
Christmas Crosses, 2002


Christmas Magpies, 2014


Christmas Mill, 2006


Christmas Grain, 2001



Christmas Cards

All of the cards in the Card Gallery (1994 or later) can be ordered in any number.

- Custom greetings (both inside cover and main text area) can be specified

- Cards are 5 x 7 and are mailed with envelopes

- Prices are as follows:


$3.00 ea


$2.50 ea


$2.25 ea


$2.00 ea


$1.75 ea

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are per design. In other words, if you order 30 cards of one design the price would be $2.25/card, but if it was three different designs, the price would be $2.50/card. As always, you can write me with any questions.