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Here's some extra stuff for fun...

Hand Signals

The first series of graphics is a spoof on new hand signals to be used in combat. Obviously, if you're at the point of using these signals, you either 1) have a good sense of humor or 2) are a little too stressed out.


I can't take credit for something this witty - which is no surprise if you read other pages on this site. If anyone reading this knows creator, please let me know.

Security Signals

The second set is a spoof on the graphics used at Department of Homeland Security (


Again, I can't take credit. It's someone funny at   Phi Lambda Epsilon. The original collection is at

A great geography quiz - try it.

Some videos

NOTE: If the videos don't play, right click the video title and "Save Target As..."

boom02.mpeg, 702 KB

SDB 1 (2 MB)

Another video of the SDB but this time with an air burst.


helo.vmv, 716 KB

Helo Flip, (716 KB)

The tail rotor quits and things go bad FAST. Everyone survived.

(No sound)

boom02.mpeg, 702 KB

SDB 2 (702KB)

Another video of the SDB but this time with an air burst.


losat2.mpeg, 1.89 MB

LOSAT, (1.9 MB)

Watch this tank get smashed from a HMMWV


f18wire.mpg, 3.18 MB

F-18 in the wire, (3.18 MB)

This Hornet misses the wire and everyone on the deck is very lucky!

su26_bridge.mpeg, 1.38 MB

Su-26 Bridge, (1.38 MB)

The humidity shows the sonic boom perfectly. (No sound)