Graphic Details

You will see several graphics throughout these pages. Click on the images below to get a quick explanation.

Trademark Signature

the Logo



Trademark Signature ▪ ▪

An "L" (for Lade) overlaps an "A" (for Aaron) in my handwriting. Although simple, the sphere after the "A" represents the on-going attempt for near perfection. A line at the tail of the "L" forms a cross, which needs no explanation.


the Stamp ▪ ▪

This is the new stamp which will accompany my signature and made its first appearance on Christmas Crab.

It's from my Kštzchen and it was the best present I got for my birthday. The timing allowed me to stamp 2007's Christmas card which was the perfect place to start using it. Thanks Rabbitzchen!



the Logo ▪ ▪

My earlier logo was more or less a doodle - offering little association to anything other than the website address. With the emergence of Musket Media, I revisited the idea of a meaningful mark. Simple, symmetric and bold, these two Ms are the new label of Musket Media. There are three versions here and itís important to explain some details. The top graphic, is a transparent GIF, which in one word is awesome. I made the background with a color (red in this case) that become invisible. In fact, you canít see red in the graphic here. What that means is itís completely compatible with any color background because there is no Ďwhiteí. Try it and see what I mean. The bottom two graphics are PNG files and they are not transparent so I offer two for a white or black background, but you can contact me for a specific background color if you need it. Many of the graphics below are also transparent - just hover your mouse over the image and a short description will appear.


Using MM Graphics

The graphics below are acceptable images to use as links to Musket Media. It's easy to capture the images - simply right click and 'Save Picture As' the original file name or any name you want to use.

The images with text are those I use in the upper left corner of each page. When you hover the mouse over the first image (blue), the second image (gold) appears - or vice versa. This is called a mouse over. You can see the effect, but the link's don't work. If you want to use this technique, you can get the code to insert in your page by clicking 'Mouse Over Code' below.

Logo, transparent Logo, transparent Logo, solid white, transparent background Logo, solid white, transparent background Logo, transparent Logo, transparent Logo, transparent Logo, transparent Logo, transparent Logo, transparent Logo, transparent

Logo, transparent Logo, transparent


Logo, transparent


The following are icons (file extension .ico)

They can only be saved with a right click on the text link and Save As...

Favicons - use the text links below to download the icons.

favicon, orange or favicon, blue or favicon, flag


Mouse Over Code ▪ ▪

If you plan on using the mouse over some modifications will be necessary.

mshelp The code (in the pop-up) is looking for images labeled "mmtiny3.gif" and "mmtiny3b.gif". You need to change this in the code if you've saved the images under a different name.

mshelp The images in the code are stored in a folder labeled "graphics" (i.e., graphics/mmtiny3.gif). "graphics" needs to be changed to the location you've saved the images. Or delete "graphics/" if you've saved the pictures in the same location as the page itself.

mshelp If you plan on making more than one mouseover image per page some additional modifications (easy ones) are required. In the sample code, the image sources are labeled "logo.src" (twice) and "logo". If you want to add multiple mouseovers you need to sequence or change the references. So for a second mouseover the labels could be "logo2.src" and "logo2" or "musket.src" and "musket". If you don't change them, the mouseover on one image will affect the appearance of another image or not function at all.

It's not as hard as it sounds. Good luck.