About musketmedia

Musket Media is the online workspace where you can see my twist on art. When people see something I've made or find out I dabble in art, they often ask to see more of my work. Well, the original purpose of this site was to allow you to do just that, but now it offers more.

Currently, I am trying to mold it more into a showcase in which any work can be displayed. I feel Musket Media can serve artists well and particularly those who don't have a web presence. This idea is in line with the title, 'Musket Media' (must get media) - I want to gather and display as many different media as possible.

Why Musket Media? Watercolor is my primary painting medium, but I work with others all the time. Musket Media captures the idea that several things (or medium) are involved in conveying ideas or impressions - like the medium you're using right now to look at my art. Lastly, the title is also a play on my callsign, Musket.

My thoughts on art and trying to be an artist might be different than you expect, and may at first, seem pessimistic.  They aren't.  They're just an attempt to be humble.  Also humbling (and somewhat embarrassing) is the lookback section where you can see works from my childhood.

I am pleased you visited this site and hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you liked or didn't like.